We know how complicated the decision can be to buy gear – so we make gear choices simple and easy!


Whether you need a whole technical setup or a single radio mic, we’ve got it all in our rentals department.

Digital Tailoring

We love tinkering – and that’s why we are one of the best at building custom solutions for your unique needs.

About Us

October 2014 heralded the return of Frank into the facilities market, but with a new focus. Sales, Archiving and Rentals.

The Magic Lightbox still works from the same ethic as incorporated in Magus back in 1989 – today’s runner is tomorrow’s producer – and everyone has an integral and equal part to play in the ongoing success of our industry. South Africa has the second oldest Film Industry in the world, and with eleven official languages, there are no limits to communicating with each other in new and exciting vibrant ways.

Recent News

New Gear

Introducing the Aputure AL-MW

The Aputure Amaran AL-MW Mini LED Light is a compact 5600K daylight-balanced video light that packs many outstanding features in its small form. It’s designed with chip-on-board

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