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Introducing the ATEM Mini Pro from Blackmagic

Bernard Els

Bernard Els

Whether you are a broadcaster, a live gaming streamer, or need to manage multiple cameras without getting in a muddle or a mess, the ATEM MINI Pro HDMI Live Stream Switcher from Blackmagic Design might just be the piece of kit you need.

What is it?

The ATEM Mini Pro is a live production switcher with four-input HDMI channels and an integrated control panel specially designed to work with multi-camera live streaming. The ATEM Mini Pro works great with just about any HDMI source – even pesky PC HDMI outputs.

Key Features

When you rent the ATEM Mini Pro you get the benefit of many great key features, some exclusive to this model, so even if you are familiar and satisfied with the previous model, you might want to check this one out.


  • Control over a maximum of 4 BMPCC 4K/6K cameras at the same time
  • Multiview and channel preview controls
  • Live record, stream and tally status
  • Each source has its own digital audio mixer with 2-channels
  • Computer input and media player support
  • Pattern and color generators
  • Up and downstream keyers
  • Chroma/Luma Keyers and DVE Transition
  • Ethernet ATEM control and HDMI output


The Mini Pro does not just benefit over its predecessor with a software update, it also features several exciting new features. This includes status and data rate information for all your live steams, the ability to record your live streams to USB as they are broadcast.

User-Friendly Controls

Blackmagic Design has also tried to make it even more user-friendly by adding the easier to locate and use stream and record buttons and the incredibly helpful preview program Multiview.

Those who are familiar with the ATEM Mini will notice that the Mini Pro has the very same setup at the back end. Here the four individual HDMI input channels are accessible and can carry 1080p HD quality video. Additionally, you can then feed your streams through the HDMI output for Multiview monitoring or even a projector for a more immersive experience.

Everything You Need

The company has also put a lot of work into ensuring this is the only piece of hardware and kit you will need for streaming by incorporating a built-in hardware encoder into the design.

Everything is controlled via either Ethernet or USB using the improved and enhanced ATEM Software Control Panel. From there you can monitor everything related to your live stream, including your configuration, audio meters and readings, and the data rate.

You are also able to adjust the frame rate as and when necessary to provide your viewers with the best quality possible. If you have used the ATEM Mini before, then the control surface will look very familiar, with the same backlit and clearly visible control buttons that make controlling the DVE, settings, keepers, and transitions along with selecting camera inputs easy.

There is also the addition of a button to start recording quickly, whether you are recording to USB or wanting to hot-swap drives with the Blackmagic Multidock for quick editing.

Live broadcasting and streaming may have seemed puzzling in the past, but Blackmagic Design has yet again shown how easy it can be with the ATEM Mini Pro!

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