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Please Note: This is NOT a Credit Application Form. The Magic Lightbox is not an authorised financial credit provider and operates on a strict C.o.D policy for both clients and suppliers without exception. For legal and Insurance purposes we will require supporting documentation form BEFORE any services may be provided to you. Completion of this form is to be done by the OWNER/MEMBER of the company or if individual, that individual only. Representatives are NOT acceptable. Additionally, we will need to take credit or debit card details and run a refundable ZAR5.00 transaction to prove legitimacy. Please arrange your timing around the requirements above and ensure we have received the documentation we require on time. Additionally, you accept that we reserve the right to run a Credit and Information Verification Check through PBVerify and herein consent to this and any and all checks we may require. NOTE: We shall in no way be held responsible for late crew/equipment or late arrivals on set due to delays when collecting Equipment. IDs/Passport, Proof of Address and all supporting documentation MUST be CERTIFIED. Please ensure you have checked our supporting documentation requirements as we will not proceed with verification without ALL documents. A full list can be found on page two.

Applicable Terms & Conditions: Please read & make sure you understand our full Terms & Conditions by going HERE before you start the application